Friday, November 21, 2014

Snow is falling hard in my hometown...

YES, snow is falling hard in my hometown of Buffalo, New York. Our oldest child has the distinction of being a Blizzard of '77 baby. Where we lived in Buffalo we would have been largely unaffected by this mass of snow as are most of our family and friends.

The folks of Buffalo come from sturdy stock.  They have become use to snow before Thanksgiving.  The last year that my family lived in Buffalo the rain turned into snow on Mother's Day - in MAY!!! My husband and I relocated first to New Jersey for 26 years and now have settled into an even warmer climate - Florida!

In tribute to the people of Buffalo and their perseverance amidst adversity,KIDZ BOOKS is offering this beautiful hardcover copy of An Otis Christmas for just $6! Just like in Buffalo, there is a terrible snowstorm but in this case it is on Christmas Eve. A heartwarming tale for the holidays - or a snowstorm.

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