Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dog Daze of Summer

It's August. The dog days of summer have turned into the dog "daze". You know the look; the whine, the sticky fingers. Repetition has set in. The excitement of fireflies and the ice cream truck music have gotten on your last nerve.

But how can this happen to a puppy who is going through his first August? How can the turn of the calendar page make a rambunctious puppy suddenly ready to cave come Sunday when the calendar flipped to August 1st?

Saturday July 31st, Cooper - our 3 month old beagle puppy - stayed up until midnight playing tug of war and chase with Irie - our daughter's 2 year old boxer. We had company over and they were busying dragging out every doggy toy imaginable to show our friends. Our friend Janet finally asked, "Do they always stay up this late playing?"

We don't think so - we put Cooper in his crate right before 11:00 and unless Irie and Cooper have figured out to manipulate the crate handle with their paws - all bets for nocturnal play dates are off. When my husband and I went to bed that night we congratulated ourselves again for having such an adorable puppy and better yet - for having quite a few successful days in a row without any accidents in the house. Nothing like high five pillow talk.

Come Sunday morning Cooper slept in - YES!!! When we take Cooper outside to do his morning ritual, he finishes quickly, sits briefly and takes in the backyard and all its glory - making sure that everything is still where it should be - and plops down for a stretch. He's romping and sniffing a little less.

As for the housebreaking? Last night Cooper walked over to his doggy bed and squatted - 12 inches from the back door.

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  1. Oh Nancy, how adorable !

    I just love pets !
    I have 2 dogs and several and 6 birds and a rabbit inside - and several outside critters too that have adopted me.

    Here is the story of my 2 Beagles:

    Here is the story of my daughters rescue pup:

    And here is one about some of our cats:

    I don't have one made yet for the birds or the rabbit, but I will one of these days - LOL

    Thank you so much for sharing your story.
    Take care !

    Organically Yours,